Andrew Berman was born in Chicago, where he spent the first part of his childhood until moving to California in 2000. He attended the University of Pennsylvania, excelling as an honor roll student and a varsity tennis player. Upon graduating in 2014, Andrew joined a prominent asset management firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Although he was a successful associate on a fast track, he felt an inner sense of conflict and uncertainty, both personally and professionally. He ultimately decided to return to Los Angeles to explore his entrepreneurial side, joining a healthcare startup. For Andrew, as well as many of his friends and contemporaries, being in your 20s in this modern era means that it's a good bet you'll be dealing with a dizzying series of highs and lows. After jotting down notes and observations for years, Andrew started putting them together and, based on the strong feedback he was getting, decided to pursue publishing opportunities. Then We Grew Up is the result of those efforts. Click HERE to contact Andrew.

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